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We stop child nudity.


How does CensorPic work?

Simply download our Android app onto your child's phone (coming soon)

Non-Invasive Use

CensorPic runs in the background analysing for nudity

Preventing Production

Indecent photos are prevented from being taken

Peace of Mind

Your child is protected

wherever, whenever



You're analysing my child's camera, do you save any of their photos?

Absolutely not.

CensorPic analysis happens entirely on your child's phone and does not save anything. This means we never see or save any of your childs information.

Does CensorPic work with SnapChat and Facebook?


As long as CensorPic is activated, it is able to protect your child in any app, encrypted or not.

Can't my child just uninstall CensorPic?

Maybe, but you have control.

CensorPic has taken reasonable measures to prevent uninstalling. However, with how savvy children are, we have made sure that parents will be notified immediately if the app has been tampered with

How accurate is the analysis?

Very accurate.

Whilst we can never be 100% accurate, CensorPic has a dedicated team improving the analysis daily.


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